printer maintenance

Printer Maintenance

We can provide printer repair and maintenance on-site or Depot at our Toms River location. KT’s provides Warranty Maintenance and extended contracts available for Lexmark, HP, Okidata, Xerox, Brother, Dell, Ricoh, Epson and many other manufacturers.

We can provide you with all maintenance kits, drums and fusers for most any brand of print device. All services and parts have a warranty. We can provide a diagnostic service on each printer providing a full cleaning and assessment with quote for repair of the unit.

We can provide maintenance on a varied fleet easing time and energy finding a tech to work on different manufacturers. New or older devices, give us a call..
Our Authorized technicians’ will provide maintenance either On-site or Depot (in Toms River) for most manufacturers of printers, fax machines, multifunction units, inkjet printers and plotters.

95% of issues are resolved in one call. Parts are extra. Our staff is responsive, reliable and professional.

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Managed Print Services (MPS) and Cost Per Page (CPP)

The term Managed Print Services includes a number of solutions that need to be customized for each client.  Terms used frequently during the Managed Print Services discussion:

  • MPS – Manage Print Service – the solution overall
  • CPP – Cost Per page
  • Blended cost – CPP based on the printer fleet for all mono or color printed pages is blended so you get 1 cost for mono and 1 cost for color
  • Printer Fleet – all print devices being considered in solution
  • Overages or upcharges – Some companies charge additional fees when the client exceeds quoted page counts. WE DO NOT!
  • OEM Supplies and parts – Original Equipment Manufacturer of toners, drums, maintenance kits, fusers, parts and accessories
  • Compatible supplies and parts – These are toners, drums, maintenance kits, fusers, parts and accessories that are manufactured by companies other than the OEM. KT’s only provides PREMIUM Compatibles produced for the highest quality product.

Do you know the financial loss due to the unmanaged print devices?  Do you know if your staff is printing personal items and how many?  Would you like to get control of the printing in your environment?

We provide an AGNOSTIC approach to Managed Print Services. 99% of businesses and schools have a variety of manufacturers of printers. We can design and customize a solution that is easily implemented into your printing environment.

We also provide Printer Fleet Assessments* to give you an honest unbiased view of the costs associated in the running of your printer fleet.  These costs include: toner, ink, maintenance, electricity used and other factors.
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Do you have answers to these questions?

  • Do you know how many printers and/or copiers are attached to your network?
  • How many pages are being printed on a monthly/ annual basis?
  • What are you spending on the current printer fleet?
  • Who is printing in excess?
  • Is your printing environment secure?
  • How do you manage the users to cut printing expenses?

If you do not have the answers to these questions, NOW is the time to have an assessment*. With our expertise, we will guide you to the management tool that will cut costs, organize the data from your devices and aide in the productivity of your staff and equipment.

KT’s has historically saved our clients 20%+ with a customized Managed Print Services solution. With MPS, you will have the ability to monitor the printers, monitor the users, have auto fulfillment of toners and drums, tech support, including on-site service while cutting costs. We will provide a complete analysis of your current print fleet* with a comprehensive report.. Let our expertise cut your costs, saving you time, money and resources!