In the ever increasingly competitive business structure, we have to ask: Are you losing control?
You are now thinking, what the heck is she talking about?

Do you have a complete and true picture of your IT environment?

How many print devices do you have? Really?? Are you sure??

You do have a better grasp on the servers, but what about the pc’s? Do you know what is installed on each pc?

Are they all up to date?  And what about the pesky programs that shouldn’t be there?  How are you going to gain control over what is downloaded and installed on the pc’s?

Now the big question:

How many mobile devices, phones or the iPad revolution devices are accessing your wireless connectivity…..

Oh, you forgot about that, huh?  Wireless connectivity and security …..

The first step is to get an analysis of your environment done: print devices, copiers, pc’s, servers, laptops, mobile devices, ipads,
phones: everything and anything that is connected to your network.

Now we can really talk: cost effective use of devices, redundancy of devices, support levels, standardization of devices, utilization of devices and so forth.

With a comprehensive analysis of your environment, you will gather the information necessary to make educated decisions as to where
and how to spend your budget dollars to garner the best results.