Access to all your data.
Anytime. Anywhere.
On any device.

Business applications and data now available simply, securely, and fully managed by KT’S your trusted IT Services Advisors.

Our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provides the performance,, reliability and security you need to experience the savings and efficiency of the cloud.

All of the apps you’re familiar with like Microsoft Office, Quickbooks and any of your industry applications run faster and more reliably. No setup or configuration needed. Launch the “Virtual Desktop” and go.

Experience the same familiar Windows desktop across all your devices, whether you’re in the office, on the road, or working from home. Being away from the office has never been easier with KT’S.

Rely on enterprise-grade capabilities at an SMB price point, in one monthly bill for all services and apps.

Remove IT headaches and get modern cloud-based IT, managed for you so you can stay focused on your business.

Simplify your IT

  • All your IT needs from a trusted advisor including cloud services, cybersecurity, hardware, software, and support.
  • Easy to scale up or down to meet fluctuating staffing needs.
  • Cloud-based tools give your employees what they need, with the security your business demands.
  • All updates, patches and maintenance for the operating systems and software are handled by us. When you need to add or remove software or make changes, it’s done once in the cloud and quickly pushed to all users.

Enhance data security & disaster recovery

  • Data and applications reside in AWS. This is the most secure, reliable and widely used cloud platform in the world.
  • Includes comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities to protect from ransomware and other threats.
  • Avoid costly business disruptions by getting the full desktop experience delivered to your team anywhere there’s internet connectivity.

Access responsive support & services

  • Leverage our quick and easy migration services for a seamless transition to the cloud and get a superior and faster cloud support experience with reduce support needs for computer and device issues.
  • Includes proactive monitoring, system administration, management, and AI-Driven military grade Cybersecurity.

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