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KT’s Office Services has access to several lines of 3D Printers, curriculum and enclosures.

3D Printers

Authorized Reseller of  Dremel 3D

dremel 3d printer

The Dremel 3D40-EDU and the 3D40-EDU-STEM are the same printer but the STEM comes with a 4 month free subscription to mystemkit software for teachers.  Both come with curriculum and both come with the PD online course and extra supplies.

Why have 3D printers taken education by storm?

“I can’t answer that question for you, but I can tell you why I am into 3D printing: I have never seen technology that intrigues my students the way 3D printers do and allows them to creatively design and make their own prototypes. 3D design is so open-ended that it allows teachers and students to use their creativity to adapt it to any curriculum and standard.

3D printers are also the only tool I know of that combines design with manufacturing and art with technology. If you’re a technology or science teacher who is interested in teaching about engineering concepts, the 3D-design-to-printing process is an effective, hands-on way to teach about the design and prototype process.

Now that prices have come down, 3D printing is more viable than ever before for schools. There are risks inherent in managing any new tech tool, including spending too much time to do what you could do with graph paper and clay and the anxiety of wondering if your 3D printer is going to work every day. But I think it’s just a matter of time before 3D printers are ubiquitous in K-12 schools. You just need to decide if you have the time, budget, tech savvy and patience to be an early adopter. “

Trevor Takayama is a technology teacher at Amherst-Pelham Regional Public Schools in Massachusetts

What kind of software do I need?

Every 3D printer comes with free, proprietary 3D slicing and printing software, unless it allows open source software. KT’s is an authorized reseller of the Dremel 3D (produced by the Bosch company) that includes software.  If you buy an XYZ printer, you use XYZ software.

This technology, along with curriculum and enthusiastic teachers are changing how our youth is learning conceptual ideas and seeing them being created before their eyes.  KT’s can provide resources for curriculum for grades 3 to 12 with more options growing rapidly.


We carry an enclosure for 3D Printers that will scrub the air for pollutants and irritants to keep the environment air quality clean and safe.

3d printer enclosure

The Only Independently Tested, and Verified, UFP and VOC filtration solution.

Features: UFP and VOC Filtration, Thermal Runaway Protection, Automatic Fire Suppression, Humidity Control, Heated Build Chamber, Touch Screen, Studio Lighting, Door Sensors, WiFi, Noise Dampening, USB Printer Connectivity, Spool Holders, Castors, Unobstructed Printer Access, and Burn and Theft Prevention.

Made in the USA.

Available for the Desktop, with a Stand, with a Cabinet, or Stacked.

Call for specific pricing for your specific 3D printer.  Product on PEPPM contract.